Listen and Eat for YUR Body

Play with your Food

You are unique; no one else has your unique DNA sequence and life experiences, that’s why we didn’t come with a Blue Book and thus why diets and meal plans don’t work!

Let’s together learn to listen to your body, explore your food and flavor preferences (some may be linked to your DNA), gain confidence to play in your kitchen with simple base recipes, and learn about ingredients to support your unique health. You can make simple, quick, flavorful, fresh, local and organic meals and listen to your changing body’s needs for nutrition.

Online nutrition support focusing on a nutrition foundation for your health and wellness from the comfort of your home, on your computer or phone.


“love and serve” is the message of all the great spiritual teachings.

Hello I’m Carole Farina, serving you with my insight, experience and knowledge in Nutrition for Your Health and Wellness (USA: RD Nutritionist, NM-LD, Herbalist, Australia: RPHNutr).

 “Change is inevitable, Growth is Optional”

Thank goodness, nutrition is moving away from the math of calories and energy expenditure, eating to support body parts and cooking for a disease. The guidelines for populations were never designed for individuals; however that is how you see them promoted. I struggled as a nutritionist with the guidelines, pyramids and plates and what I knew to be true; nutrition is individual and changes with each decade, each day and each moment. My solution has always been to focus my sessions with clients and groups on building a nutrition foundation and listening to your body.


Personalized medicine is the new frontier. Nutrigenomics and functional nutrition is the new nutrition language. The focus is on you, your body, your choices and discovering new ways to expand your palate. I no longer offer “diets” or “meal plans” (except for specific medical conditions requiring them) and only focus on the nutrition foundation; listening to your body and eating real foods.

With over twenty-five years’ success working with individuals, groups and communities I will target what’s holding you back from nourishing yourself and identify the best food choices for your body today. When you choose foods the nourish, in just a couple of weeks you will notice a difference in how you feel.


These are the usual reasons that bring you to my door: you’ve realized that diets and meal plans don’t work long-term. You may experience gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain after eating, have carbohydrate and sugar cravings or are concerned about weight.

The steps you take and the changes you make are individual, and change throughout your life. Nourishment is not a quick fix; it’s a lifetime of listening, learning and growing. I can help you listen, provide you with simple base recipes for healthy eating (Culinary Nutrition) and advise you on the best time saving kitchen tools.

Make an appointment for nutrition support services if:

  • You are ready to play with your food.
  • You are willing to prepare more of your meals with real foods, fresh foods.
  • You are ready to stock your kitchen with fresh foods and flavors you love.
  • You have or are able to purchase basic kitchen equipment (at least a knife) to make fresh meals fast.
  • You are ready to play in the kitchen using simple base recipes.
  • You are ready to experience new tastes, new flavors, new ways of thinking about meals.
  • You are ready to be mindful, to sincerely listen, let go of your past thoughts and habits to change your choices.
  • You are ready to have fun as you give yourself the time it takes to experience, learn and grow.

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford


You’re here, you’re ready so take the leap or give yourself the FREE step first. It’s free, you’ll receive a basic build your own bowl recipe and salad dressing recipes, food for thought, action steps, and blog postings.

Let me help you answer these questions for YOUR body.

The most satisfying part of my work day is when a client “walks” out of a session telling me that they feel better, the digestive pain is gone, the gas is gone, the diarrhea is gone, that they can now leave the house, that they’re no longer afraid of embarrassing gas, that they don’t feel like a failure, that they can “recalculate”, that they may have not wanted to keep the appointment because they felt “bad” about their week and that they’re really glad they came today, that they feel lighter!

Let’s connect the dots for your body!

I will refer you to other solutions when food isn’t the primary stressor on your health, body or mind. Like a GPS, I can help you recalculate when you make a different turn! Whether you’re starting from Fast Food Boulevard, Fresh Food Drive or In Between Alley I will help you.

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