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Nourish yourself with your food choices: fresh, real, organic.

Skip the diet, learn to listen and eat for your body. Online nutrition support focusing on food changes for life from the comfort of your home, on your computer with FREE video conferencing.

My name is Carole M. Farina (C.M. Farina), Nutritionist (RD Nutritionist, LD). I mostly work with women. These are the usual symptoms that bring women like you to my door: gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain after eating, carbohydrate and sugar cravings and weight.

With over thirty years’ success working with clients I will target what's holding you back from nourishing yourself and identify the best food choices for your body today. Learn to love what you eat in all food environments. In just a couple of weeks you will notice a difference.

Yes this is the right time and right support for you, if you are ready, willing and able to take the time, energy and commitment to make food changes. The steps you need to take, the changes you need to make are individual, and will change throughout your life. Nourishment is not a quick fix, it's a lifetime of listening, learning and mindfulness.

Make an appointment for nutrition support services if:

  • You are willing to prepare your meals with real foods, fresh foods.
  • You are willing to plan meals until it becomes a habit.
  • You are ready to clean your cupboards of most processed foods.
  • You are ready to give yourself the time it takes to make lasting changes.
  • You are ready to learn to love new tastes, new flavors, new ways of thinking about food.
  • You are willing to cook or will take a local cooking class to learn how to cook.
  • You are ready to be mindful, to sincerely listen and adjust your thinking, your habits, your choices.
  • Not sure if you're ready, if you can do it? That's OK, what's important is that you take some action today, because a part of you is ready! Give yourself this first step. It's free, you'll receive food for thought, monthly action step, and blog posting.

    You may be asking yourself these questions:

  • What does eating healthy look like?
  • Nutrition information is all so conflicting, how do I know which magazine article or research study to believe?
  • Should I eat low fat, high protein, paleo or vegetarian?
  • Do you just eat whatever is available because nutrition recommendations are all going to change in 10 years anyways?
  • Do you get started eating well and then life happens?
  • Let me help you answer these questions for YOUR body.

    The most satisfying part of my work day is when a client "walks" out of a session telling me that they feel better, the digestive pain is gone, the gas is gone, the diarrhea is gone, that they can now leave the house, that they're no longer afraid of embarrassing gas, that they don’t feel like a failure, that they can “recalculate”, that they may have not wanted to keep the appointment because they felt "bad" about their week and that they’re really glad they came today, that they feel lighter!

    I can assist you to have the same result.

    I will refer you to other solutions when food isn't the primary stressor on your body or mind. Like a GPS, I can help you recalculate when you make a different turn! Whether you’re starting from Fast Food Boulevard, Fresh Food Drive or In Between Alley I will help you.

    Click here for the Menu of Services. I’m ready to assist you on your FOODnYOU DISCOVERY (Limited or Premium). I want to help you build your foundation for life.

    With a FoodnYou DISCOVERY you will be elgible for a 30% discount on nutrition supplements from Emerson Ecologics. I receive no financial remuneration from these products.

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    C.M. Farina, LLC (RDN/LD) , Nutrition Consultant
    Contact: carole farina (at) outlook (dot) com, phone: 505-438-2886 (outisde of the USA 011-1-505-438-2886)

    Kind Words

    AKA Testimonials

    “WOW! As usual you are a great fount of info and inspiration. Thanks for all your input.”

    —CL, Los Angeles, CA

    “I had known that I needed to “eat better” for many years, but when a health issue arose that forced the matter, I realized I didn’t know what eating better really meant. When I met with Carole, she laid out exactly what a healthy meal looks like for breakfast, lunch and dinner and gave me ideas for good food choices in each category. She even drew pictures for my non-auditory learning style! At the end of the meeting, I had a plan I understood and could follow to improve my eating and my health. It was actually quite simple when she laid it out for me, and three years later, I’m still maintaining a much healthier eating style.”

    —JL, Clio, CA

    In gratitude to each of you for sharing your kind words online and with your family, friends and colleagues. Just so you know: I have chosen to protect the identity of my clients by using only initials, however all were willing to have their names posted!

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