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About Carole M. Farina,

Nutritionist (RDN, LD)

About Moi and my Digestion

Digestive problems caused by food allergies and food intolerances are genetic and run in my family; resulting in eczema, bloating, gas and physical pain in my stomach which started for me at birth. Dairy always gave me bloating, gas and pain. Combine this with wheat, gluten, pork and high vitamin C food intolerances made for interesting eating challenges. And like with most intolerances I craved what I was intolerant to so much that my mom called me “Carbohydrate Carole”!

Simple Changes for Life. . .

Give a person a diet and you seem to help them for a couple of weeks. Teach a person nutrition and you improve their health for a lifetime. (A paraphrase from a famous quote possibly attributed to Anne Ritchie, 1885)

The answer is usually a simple change to real fresh foods and voila the digestive problems are resolved. Sounds easy, yet we know that food changes can be challenging. No worries’, helping you change is my specialty. Teaching you nutrition is my passion.

When something more is needed for your digestion or you want to run rather than walk to better health; food intolerance testing can pinpoint the causes of your digestion issues, and get you back to fully living and loving your life quickly. DNA testing can identify gaps in the methylation processing. Food changes and supplements are the key to helping your body feel better. The tests will tell us which keys to use!

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Help is Here

What you need to eat and how much you need to eat is different for each individual, each day. I help you with your “listening research”. It is the most important practice for you to understand to feed your body well each day. Perfection is not the goal, relief of pain and embarassing bodily functions is the goal. Keep foood simple, keep food real and keep your food yummy.

I help you listen and understand your body’s need for food and treats. You can understand in as little time as two weeks and sometimes 3-6 months. You can start today by filling in your name and email to receive my free foodnyou monthly musings, action step, blog and other goodies.

The Path to Today

I was very curious how the body worked, or in my case how my digestion didn’t work, and thus fell into nutrition during college at UC Davis, California. Anatomy, physiology-chemistry and tractor driving were my favorite college courses at UC Davis.

After receiving the Mariam E. Perry Outstanding Intern Award and completing the United States Air Force Internship commitment; I worked for Mei-Ling Schwartz at Kaiser Permanente Wellness Center’s "Freedom From Fat Program". The Freedom From Fat Program was a researched cutting edge program that allowed me to teach real food nutrition and inspire behavior change. I also learned a lot about my own food behavior, and how to use both my scientific knowledge of the body and intuitive abilities to promote profound life changes (more than nutritional).

Then it was time for this “multi-passionate” woman to create art: calligraphy, painting, ceramics and co-produced a visual and performance art show in Santa Monica, California.

I like to learn new things and studied with Tieraona Low Dog, MD at the New Mexico Herb Institute to add, Certified Herbalist to my knowledge base. I followed this with nutrition for eating disorders, addictions and mental health. Personal growth, trusting my inutition and boundries were a few of the many gifts from this work experience.

After that I was ready for an artistic adventure and made my great return to the piano. The highlight of my life was learning piano technique and being able to perform at a level I knew was cabable of. To support this passion, I took work with the State of New Mexico where I learned the inner workings of governmental programs such as school meals, senior meals and WIC and developed trainings and educational materials that engage and encourage customers to change. Although the nutrition guidelines in governement programs are not in complete alignment with my nutrition philosophy, I feel like I had the opportunity to plant a lot of seeds of change.

The thread throughout my life is my nutrition work with individuals and groups, providing the foundation and framework for eating real foods for life, helping you to learn to listen to your body, be active, be creative and practice meditation.

C.M. Farina, Nutrition Consultant, Speaker

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Licensed Dietitian. (Just so you know, I prefer to use the term Nutritionist. Food is nourishment, not a diet.)

Carole Farina will help you to treat your whole body and spirit to a healthy life. She has over 30 years’ experience listening to clients and identifying the next practical steps to increased energy, feeling and looking better that work within your current lifestyle. Carole understands that your body has unique needs that change throughout your life, and works with you to make the changes that will have the greatest impact on how you feel in the shortest amount of time. Helping you change is her specialty. Teaching you nutrition is her passion.

Carole has maintained a private practice, consulting business since 1990.

Education: B.S. Clincial Dietetics, University of California, Davis, and completed a United States Air Force Dietetic Internship receiving the Col. Mariam E. Perry Award.

Carole has the following credentialing: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Licensed Dietitian in New Mexico

Carole holds an additional certificate: Certified Herbalist from the New Mexico Herb Institute a course of study with Tieraona Low Dog, MD.

She has also completed college coursework in art, graphic design and piano performance.

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