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About Carole M. Farina,

Nutritionist (RDN, LD, Australia RPH Nutritionist), Pianist, Artist, Business Consultant

About Moi

Yes, it's a diverse list of services, developed through many years of experiences, education and joyful play. Yes, I like change, learning, exploring and creating which translates into many skills!

The similar theme in all skill areas is seeing, listening and connecting spiritually to create beauty.


In the nutrition work this looks like asking the question(s) that help to identify the most important steps to start: nutrition, food choices, activity, stress reduction, time for yourself, or something else.

Give a person a diet and you seem to help them for a couple of weeks. Teach a person nutrition and you improve their health for a lifetime. (A paraphrase from a famous quote possibly attributed to Anne Ritchie, 1885)

The answer to many health concerns, is usually a simple change to real fresh foods. Sounds easy, yet we know that food changes can be challenging. No worries’, my job is to help you with understanding nutrition.

What you need to eat and how much you need to eat is different for each individual, each day. I help you with your “listening research”. It is the most important practice for you to understand to feed your body well each day. Perfection is not the goal, relief of pain and embarassing bodily functions is the goal. Keep foood simple, keep food real and keep your food yummy.

I help you listen and understand your body’s need for food and treats.

C.M. Farina, Nutrition Consultant, Speaker

Nutritionist (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Licensed Dietitian, Australia Registered Public Health Nutritionist).

Contact connect by phone or email to about your project or speaker need.

Enliven your nutrition materials with an artist's eye.

Develop nutrition education programs, events, materials.

Carole Farina will help you to treat your whole body and spirit to a healthy life. She has over 30 years’ experience listening to clients and identifying the next practical steps to increased energy, feeling and looking better that work within your current lifestyle. Carole understands that your body has unique needs that change throughout your life, and works with you to make the changes that will have the greatest impact on how you feel in the shortest amount of time.

Carole has maintained a private practice, consulting business since 1990. To get started click here.

Business Consulting

Experience gained through doing projects, mostly for a small business in Santa Fe. Every project was something I knew nothing about which created an opportunity for me to learn something new and help the company or individual.

This work started in my 20's by helping indiviudals and individual business owners sort the box of receipts for tax preparation and morphed into keeping their books during the year on Excel spreadsheets and then Quickbooks. I also assisted a small landscaping business with determining 3 years of past payroll taxes owed and bringing their Quickbooks up-to-date. Another small business owner was able to re-finance his home after one year of paying his bills on time.

Other projects such as creative holiday parties, purchasing major equipment, telephone system, 401(k), resolving Nexus issues, internal file organization for server, graphic design, job descriptions, Human Resources organization systems, evaluating benefit plans. . .

Let's connect to talk about your business project.

Musician and Artist

Pianist. Sorry just making music for myself and the neighbors (on warm days with the windows open) during COVID.

Calligraphy work is being accepted. Also available "Happy Birthday" foam core boards.

Other creative endeavors TBD.


Education: B.S. Clincial Dietetics, University of California, Davis, and completed a United States Air Force Dietetic Internship receiving the Col. Mariam E. Perry Award.

Carole has the following credentialing: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Licensed Dietitian in New Mexico. Australia: Registered Public Health Nutritionist

Carole holds an additional certificate: Certified Herbalist from the New Mexico Herb Institute a course of study with Tieraona Low Dog, MD.

She has also completed college coursework in art, graphic design and piano performance.

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