Nutritional Supplements* are provided at a 30% discount off retail pricing when recommended in your FOODnYOU JOURNEY

30% Discount on Nutrition Supplement (Vitamins and Minerals) including Herbs, Organic Whole Food Supplements, Probiotics and Protein supplements. Emerson Ecologics has a quality program that ensures the highest quality supplements.

Emerson Ecologics Virtual Dispensary

Click here to go to the Emererson Ecologics Virtual Dispensary. An access code will be provided during your sessions when supplements are recommended.

Food and Chemical Intolerances Test** are available through companies such as Cyrex (IgG & IgA Food Intolerance testing), Alcat and others.

DNA is the next frontier of nutrition. The methylation cycle is linked with your nutrition choices. Additionally nutrition supplements can help the body. 23andMe is one of the least expensive testing options.

*No commission or financial reward is received on supplement sales through Emerson Ecologics. Emerson Ecologics is a Health Care Provider supplier of many brands of supplements including but not limited to vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, herbs, and some food products. Emerson Ecologics provides a patient ordering program, allowing the health care provider to set a discount rate off the regular retail price for the patient up to 30%. The Virtual Dispensary is password protected. Clients must complete a FOODnYOU JOURNEY to be able to use the site provided. A password will be provided, when a recommendation for supplements is made or client requests an assessment of supplement use/need. Recommendations for supplements are based on an assessment including currently used supplements, dosage, brand and rationale for use. Recommendations for supplements are complementary to dietary recommendations and are not intended as a substitute for food. Recommendations are made for high quality supplements offered through Emerson Ecologics, however clients are under no obligation to purchase supplements or to use this site to purchase supplements. No claim is made to the effectiveness of supplements. Supplement recommendations and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**No commission or financial remuneration is received by CM Farina, LLC on Food and Chemical Intolerance tests.

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