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FOODnYOU DISCOVERY (Limited Spaces available)

Still having digestive upset? Having trouble working real food into your lifestyle? Does it feel like too much to do? Unsure of what your body is telling you?

Let's work together and find the clues to your success.

This is what I can help you achieve:

Let my years of success help you on your food journey. Together we look deeper into your current eating pattern, activity and lifestyle to identify the next steps to better health. We travel this food journey at your pace!

You will receive:

The FOODnYOU DISCOVERY FULL will help you have a healthy, happy digestive track. If you experience digestive related concerns such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or digestive track pain from your stomach to your large intestine don't wait another day to experience pain free eating.

Sessions must be completed four (4) weeks.
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Life happens! How we respond to it affects the changes you’ve already made. Ongoing support through the ups and downs of the first year or two after starting a new food journey has been shown to increase your success. You need someone to remind you to keep going, that it’s OK to have an unplanned meal that you are a good person no matter what you eat, that you can get right back on track.

I listen to help you recognize and name the gift from the experience. I assist you in planning for the next time, whether it’s:

I want you to succeed at your health goal for a lifetime. Recognizing that you need regular tune-ups is a good thing, not a failure!

Diets don’t work; they never have and never will! Most people perceive diets as something to do for 6 weeks to fix something (weight, blood sugar, blood lipids and food intolerance). Your health is a 24/7 endeavor! It’s not about discipline, it’s about perseverance.

Your body is dynamic – ever changing. I can help you listen and respond to the changes your body needs to continue weight loss/maintenance and nutritional health through all ages.

Save money by planning ahead, sign up for 3 months of sessions: FoodnYou Discovery FULL (3 sessions including initial assessment), followed by 4 more sessions scheduled every other week.

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I'm in the process of changing the DESSERT service offered.

COMING in about 12 months (or less!): FOODnYOU DISCOVERY COURSE

Nutrition 101 - your guide to understanding food - no matter how the headlines change! Information modules with action steps and online Q&A calls over 6 weeks.

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Make the commitment to your health

ALL Prices listed are for online counseling, unless otherwise noted. Prices may vary for in-person sessions. All services purchased are non-refundable. Please call 505-438-2886, (Outside of the USA: 011-1-505-438-2886), to schedule an In-Person session, which may have a different rate.

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Other Services


Presentation is tailored to meet your group’s needs.

A few topics to consider:

  • 3 Roads to Healthy Food Choices
  • Food Cues and the Brain
  • Listening
  • Set-Backs – Life’s Learning Opportunities
  • Social, Meetings and Travel
  • Food Labels - 0 Trans fat really?
  • Portions – Current American vs. 1950’s
  • Nutrition Basics: Protein, Fat and CHO

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Tell me about your project or nutrition consulting need by Phone, Email or Skype.

Call Today 505-438-2886, (Outside of the USA: 011-1-505-438-2886), or email: carole farina (at symbol) outlook (dot) com (remove spaces).


Offered on a very limited basis, in person only. Not available online.

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