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3 Action Steps to get you through holiday food

3 action steps to reach goals

3 action steps to reach goals

3 Action Steps to get you through holiday food, plan for holiday food and health. Let’s plan your 3 action steps to get through holiday food and look at why wanting change (eating healthy) is not enough. “I want to be healthy.” There you said it! You do everything you can for 6 weeks with some success and then 3 months later you notice you’re back to your old habits. Sound familiar? Why isn’t stating the goal enough? Why does nothing change?

Pianists (musicians, athletes, etc.) politely say thank you when a fan says, “you’re so talented”. The most elite athlete or amazing musician is recognized because of the daily hours and years of work at their instrument, sport or other field of endeavor. A musician doesn’t become talented by setting a goal of “I want to play the piano” and then it miraculously happens. Here’s what I learned on my piano adventure in my 40’s:  A musician starts with putting an instrument in the home, in the hands. A musician takes lessons, practices daily, thinks about music constantly, listens intently to live and recorded music. Everyone starts at the same point – knowing nothing!

You still have the goal however it’s the daily steps you take where you live your life. Sometimes the goal changes based on our learning and growing. Yes, it’s OK to change your goal! The joy and memory is in the journey of the many helping hands, the connections and voices of encouragement that helped you along the way.

So if you’re telling yourself you want to eat better during the holidays, plan it, make it happen, otherwise it won’t! 2 months is a lot of meals to eat and be saying “well it’s the holidays”. PLEASE HEAR THIS – I’m not saying not to eat your favorite foods, I’m saying do some real planning so you stay healthy during this time of year! Think about which foods you really enjoy and plan when and where to eat it. If it’s not the best, home-made or fresh ingredient made, skip it. If your body is telling you, “not today”, listen and save the food choice for another day.

Choose your 3 action stepsto get you through holiday food from this list or add your own:

  • Go shopping after a meal at home.
  • Drink more water or herbal tea, in place of sodas, juices, Gatorade, lattes and other drinks.
  • Allow yourself a 3-5# weight gain and weigh yourself weekly.
  • Bring foods to gatherings that provide yummy nourishment. You won’t be the only one happy to see vegetables on the table!
  • Add one new food to the holiday table – that’s how new traditions are started.
  • Eat your main meals at breakfast and lunch. Go for a family walk before a light dinner.
  • Schedule your activity time into your calendar.
  • Wash your hands more frequently.
  • Schedule your cooking time and freeze meals now, before the days are really short and your list of things to do is really long.
  • Get plenty of rest. I like more sleep during the winter months, do you?
  • Plan active gatherings:  walking, hiking, walk on the beach, roller skating, ice-skating, yoga class, museum, music, local bath house, couples massage… I recall skiing as a family on Christmas day as a teenager!
  • Allow yourself to taste and enjoy sweets—Skip the packaged sweets, go for homemade, tastingportion and listen to your body to keep your immune system happy and healthy.
  • Share your steps in the comments section below. Your voice will help someone else this holiday season!

I have learned that I get everything done I really want to do. So if I’m not doing something I have to go within and ask myself why?For more on this topic check out this blog post:  http://foodnyou.com/wp/goals/

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