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3 Reasons to Eat Your Vegetables


Gone to seed in April at 7000′:  Tell us in the comments if you recognize this garden vegetable.

The 3 reasons why you really, really, really want to eat your vegetables:

  1. Vitamins and Minerals
  2. Phyto nutrients
  3. Natural Fiber – both soluble and insoluble

The 2 reasons why you don’t eat your vegetables:

#1 Sugar

#2 Gastric Distress

Sugar is everywhere in pre-prepared foods including the deli beets at the largest health food store! Beets are one of the foods used to make sugar, so it’s ironic that Americans add sugar to them. Our foods are so sweetened that your body has forgotten the natural flavor of sweet found in many, many vegetables:  sweet carrots, sweet peas, sweet onions, very sweet yams . . .

Gastric Distress has many causes. You may find relief with decreasing sugar in as little as two weeks. And sometimes the combination of too many different vegetables or too much insoluble fiber from vegetables when you aren’t use to eating them causes distress such as gas, bloating, pain. So just start slowly when you are starting out on your vegetable exploration.


Action Steps:

  1. Read every processed, frozen or prepared foods label ingredient list and you’ll see sugar and its many variations and forms in everything from vegetables to meat.
  2. Calm your digestion with real foods. Choose to change one food item this week.


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Now it’s your turn to tell us what you’ve done in the comments section:

  • Share 3 foods you found that surprisingly contain sugar.
  • Share what you do to avoid so much sugar
  • Tell us if you recognize the blooming garden vegetable


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