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3 STEPS to GREAT MEALS a Free Guide

3 STEPS to GREAT MEALS a Free Guide

3 Steps to Great Meals

How to Love what you eat and STOP food guilt, 3 STEPS to GREAT MEALS a free guide, available on this web site containing the foundation to nourish your body, the 3 nutrition (food) cornerstones, and a bonus visual food map. If you’ve done the diets from A to Z and you still struggle to nourish yourself, have digestive discomfort, low energy or excess weight, or just know you can eat better the guide is for you.

Now that you’ve gotten started with the 3 Steps to Great Meals, you may be asking yourself these questions after using the guide:

  • Do I always have to eat according to the 3 Steps to Great Meals?

Like anything new in the beginning you need to focus on the action every day, otherwise nothing changes. After a while it will become automatic, you won’t be thinking Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate foods. You’ll just be eating and listening to your body. Listening is the ultimate goal. Eat food, enjoy food, feel the nourishment in your body. Then make adjustments based on how your body responded.

  • What if I don’t follow the 3 Steps to Great Meals exactly every day?

No worries, that’s known as LIFE!
What’s important is what you do with your next meal, your next food choice AND more importantly what you tell yourself.

Your self-talk such as:  “I’m bad, I can never do this, I really blew it, I failed, I feel guilty, I ________________(fill in your self-dialogue)” is more damaging than the food choice, which you probably didn’t enjoy eating with all the negative mind chatter.

The words you choose to use (yes, you do have a choice), affects your food choices positively or negatively. A new dialogue might sound like this: “I feel really bloated, gassy, tired, low energy, _____________(fill in your body response) after eating ________ (fill in your food choice). When I come here again I will choose______________(fill in the new food choice) or I will eat a smaller portion of ______________(fill in your food choice).

Being conscious of food choices you are making and why, eating your choices mindfully and noticing how your body feels afterwards will help you nourish your body. When you are aware of these three activities (physical, mental and emotional) you can then plan or be prepared for the next similar food encounter.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll make a different choice next time. You may have made the best choice for the environment. Now you have new information to use to plan and choose food to support your body.

Think of yourself as an explorer, noticing every detail,
and plan your next food adventure.

  • Will I be able to improve my digestion, improve my health with the 3 Steps to Great Meals?
    YES! Every food change you make will help. You are a dynamic living being, ever changing, ever learning and ever growing. Nourishing your body is a really, really big part of your foundation. When your food choices support your body you will have the energy and vitality to be your dream, your best self in the world.

Now it’s your turn to tell me how the 3 Steps to Great Meals have changed your food choices in the comments section below.

Need a copy of the 3 Steps to Great meals? Fill in your name and email HERE and tell me you want a copy. Email me if you don’t receive one in the next few days.

Of course it’s free.

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