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3 Steps to Winter Health

Give yourself the time to take these 3 Steps to Winter Health, before winter arrives in full force.

Winter Health

Summer Ends, Winter Health Begins

In Santa Fe the Opera and Chamber music festival are a fading memory, the summer surge of tourists and summer bandstand have gone home, Zozobra (Old Man Gloom) has burned. The Sangre de Cristo mountain aspen heart turned golden yellow, the abundance of the farmer’s market is decreasing and cool weather is returning. As the seasons change did you notice that your food choices change from salads and lighter fare to heartier cooked foods?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your routine changes with the seasons. When you become aware of your choices and habits you can plan steps to create new choice and habits. Awareness truly is the first step of change. When making a change, doing something new, give yourself a couple of months to change your choice, just like the seasons take time to transition from one to the next. Thinking, planning, changing using these 3 Steps to Winter Health will help you have a healthier winter.

Honoring your life, your process is more important than any recommendations I can make. Being aware of your choices and responses creates more ease and flow in your life.

3 Steps to winter health, before the season fully transitions:

1.     Nourish yourself well with real fresh food – enjoy the abundance of fall produce

         Action Step choices: 

  • Cook a new or familiar favorite fall vegetable
  • Remove packaged/processed foods from your home, one shelf at a time (donate or dispose) 

2.  Be Strong with exercise – walk, bike, hike, dance, weights, yoga . . .

       Action Step choices: 

  • Add 10 minutes of activity during your work day (park further away, take the stairs, stand while talking on phone, have a stand-up meeting)
  • Start a strength building program – start with 1 activity for 1 min.

3.   Quiet your mind with meditation (that’s meditation not medication) – and listen

      Action Step choices: 

  • Make it a habit to give yourself 10 minutes of quiet reflection in the morning or evening (or both)
  • Find, sign-up and take a meditation practice class. Find the one that works for you (local Amma organization, local Buddhist temple)!

Bonus Step:  Wash your hands as the incidence of colds and flu’s increase. Make it a practice to wash your hands when you arrive home!

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