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3 Steps to Winter Health

In Santa Fe the Opera and Chamber music festival are a fading memory, the summer surge of tourists and summer bandstand have gone home, Zozobra (Old Man Gloom) has burned. The Sangre de Cristo mountain aspen heart turned golden yellow, the abundance of the farmer's market is decreasing and cool weather is returning. As the… Click Here To Read More

GMO in food and in your Supplements

GMO in food and in your supplements, What do you look for? GMO's in Supplements - a guest post by Dr. Tina Beaudoin, ND from Emerson Ecologics, and a continuation of our discussion on GMO foods. Yes GMO ingredients are in most supplements and more companies are working to source their ingredients from non-GMO sources… Click Here To Read More

GMO to eat or not to eat?

GMO to eat or not to eat? That is the question I hear most often today! Let’s go over the basic so you can make an informed choice about gmo food. Genetically Modified Organisms is what GMO stands for. GMO is a bio-technology process of adding other organisms DNA (bacteria, viruses or other plants and… Click Here To Read More

How to Avoid Confusing Chicken Labels

I was so confused; there was something new in the meat case, Non GMO chicken. OK, is it organic? Is Pasture raised, organic? The accompanying brochures didn't help. The natural chicken is fed gluten free GMO feed and the organic chicken feed contained wheat. Does a person on a gluten free diet need to be… Click Here To Read More

Labels Don’t Define You – Vegetarian

Labels Don't Define You - Vegetarian[/caption] I often hear people describe themselves as vegetarian (noun) “I’m a vegetarian”. Do they really mean that’s who they are, or are they really saying: “I eat vegetarian” (adjective)? Labels are helpful and limiting at the same time. Labels don't define you. Although nutritionists (a label that applies to… Click Here To Read More