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Eating in the 1960’s

Pine Cone, Rosemary

Table Decorations from Nature Walk in the Woods

Eating in the 1960’s as processed foods were taking a foothold, I was lucky. We ate well as children, we ate treat foods as treats – not everyday. Eating was without a microwave and boxed foods.

15 Dishes Your Mom Served that are best to revise for daily use or only eat as a treat.
Yes we had a few of these 15 foods, but not much, except for PB&J sandwiches. After begging mom for what the neighbors had for dinner: Hamburger Helper and TV Dinners, we tasted them while dad was in the field. Hmm…no more whining for the neighbors style of eating again. Our backyard had a garden and fruit trees. My parents purchased food locally and from the grocery store. The 1970’s saw more processed foods in the home as we grew.

Easy Steps to tasty meals:  Stock your kitchen with herbs and seasonings (fresh or dried) to jazz up your own meal to your families favorite flavors without additives, coloring’s, preservatives and mystery ingredients. Make your own TV dinners by cooking meat or poultry ahead and freeze it. Add your fresh side dishes. Fall in love with a crock pot – the best for moist, tender delicious meals.

Eat Fresh, Eat Local, Eat Organic, Eat Non-GMO, Eat in Gratitude, Eat to nourish, Eat Simple, Enjoy your Choices. Yes, you have a choice!

In the comments, share how you ate as a child in the 1960’s or any decade!

Click here for LiveStrong article in which I’ve been quoted from a much longer interview! 15 Dishes Mom Served

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