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Food and You

Welcome to the nutrition blog containing the musings of a nutritionist, registered dietitian.

My second web site is going live! Ten years ago I was a lot before the times in attempting to do business over the internet. Now the infrastructure is in place to make it work i.e. Paypal, Skpye, Emerson’s Virtual Dispensary, and more people online and comfortable doing business over the internet.

The plan is to give you information on the blog that can help improve your body, mind and spirit with a focus on the foods you choose. Eat well, exercise your body and your mind, serve others and your life will improve.

The web site has all of the information to order individual services and products: http://www.foodnyou.com/.

For Online Coaching, Assessment and Counseling, or Nutrition Consulting go to: www.foodnyou.com
or call: (011-1) 505-438-2886

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