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An Introduction to Spiritual Food – AMMA Love

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An introduction to one spiritual food:  AMMA is living Love, and gives all who come to see her, nourishing spiritual food. Amma and all of the great teachers of the world teach one message: love and serve each other. Jesus, St. Francis, Saint Jeanne Jugan (founded The Little Sisters of the Poor who by the way helped Mother Teresa get her start in India), Buddha, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, . . . and many a poet such as Rumi, . . . The words may be different, the message is the same:  love and serve each other.

As a child in Catholic schools I was asked in world religion class,
“If Jesus where alive today, would you recognize him, would you follow him?”  Following Jesus meant giving up your way of life, your comfort, your possessions, income, residence and following him. I pondered that question a long time, I didn’t have a ready answer yet I kept my eye open for the saints among us.

I found my answer a long time ago when I met Amma. Amma says many times that her religion is love. Amma does not teach religion, she teaches love and service in every thought, every action every day. In Amma you will recognize the teacher (Hindi=Guru) of love and service. She doesn’t want you to change your religion to hers. She does want you to give up your attachment to the material world and to focus on the spiritual world in every thought and action. She wants us to love and serve every moment of every day. The new Pope Francis also gives the spiritual food, Hallelujah!, he also loves and serves the people.

I was blessed to grow up in this tradition with my parents’ example of welcoming strangers and caring for everyone they met, The Little Sisters of the Poor who love and serve the poor elderly, and Amma. Amma serves us with an indescribable motherly hug. Amma is in North America May- July 2014. You can find her North American Tour dates on her web site: Amma dot org. Take yourself, your family and friends for a hug this year. Plan to stay for the day as you may just recognize her too.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”   Jesuit, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

And oh yes, that human experience has its challenges. I certainly don’t do it perfectly! When we learn to stay connected, life flows with greater ease. When we focus on love and service, life flows and the challenges feel more like small pebbles in the road. And sometimes that hunger we feel in our bodies is for spiritual connection, the best spiritual food to nourish your soul!

Wow, did you think you were on a different blog? Caring for your whole body gives you the energy to fulfill your dreams. Each foundation piece is as important as the other – are yours all in place? So, if you liked this article, ah, I know you did because you’re still reading, sign up here

Next step is to share in the comments section below:
Share how you recognize spirit in your life. Tell me how your fuel your spiritual battery, what is your favorite spiritual food? And when you go, share your Amma experience.

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