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Juicing has many benefits and some drawbacks. The drawback for weight loss is concentrated calories with minimal satiety when you are juicing with fruits. Most people get a juicer and make a very large amount of juice (think SuperSize) with all or mostly fruits. Many will experience weight gain when juicing this way.

The key is to juice with vegetables and a small amount of fruit if needed like an apple. Other vegetables that add volume and are good for mellowing flavors are celery, cucumber and fennel. Other flavor additions: small amount of citrus (1/4) or ginger root.

The benefit is that if you are not a vegetable eater it’s a good way to get started, especially with those dark leafy greens. 6-8 ounces of vegetable juice is enough. You are making your own improved V-8. Use organic produce only.

There are three types of juicers. The most common, the least expensive and the least effective is the Centrifugal. It causes the most fiber to be lost and the greatest amount of foam produced. The Masticating machines are mid-price range and preserve more of the fiber. The highest quality juice is from a Triturating juicer, which uses 2 gears, and of course is the most expensive type of machine.

Yes – you can make juice without any waste in a blender or food processor.

Vegetable juicing (6-8 oz.) as the main course for dinner is a great way to lighten up in the evening. It gives your digestive track a rest and decreases your caloric intake. It’s also a quick meal with the addition of a protein and fat food.


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