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Labels Don’t Define You – Vegetarian


Labels Don’t Define You- Vegetarian

Labels Don’t Define You – Vegetarian[/caption]

To Be or Not to Be Vegetarian!

I often hear people describe themselves as vegetarian (noun) “I’m a vegetarian”. Do they really mean that’s who they are, or are they really saying: “I eat vegetarian” (adjective)? Labels are helpful and limiting at the same time. Labels don’t define you.

Although nutritionists (a label that applies to moi!) are apt to say “you are what you eat”, food does not define who you are! Yes, food does inform how your body functions and how your physical body feels.

When I was in my 20’s I asked Nonna (grandma) how it felt to be 80 years old. Her response, “Oh the body gets old and doesn’t work so well, but on the inside I still feel 16.” Your physical body is not your ageless soul, the observer and helper in your life, your higher self (or whatever name your religious or spiritual tradition uses).

There are many ways to label or describe this part of you – the real you, the caring, loving, ageless you that is not effected by your food choices, your exercise choices or your lifestyle choice. The “soul” of you is you, not how you eat or what you do. Yoga, meditation and helping others are ways to keep you connected to your observer, your soul, your higher self. When you are connected to this inner knowing, your food choices become easier to make as you sense more of your physical body and how it feels when fed well. This is the real listening in your body, the real conversation.

Action Step #1: Notice and write down the labels you use to describe how you eat. What happens when you drop the label and enjoy what you eat including your vegetables? Share your experience in the comments or by email.


  • Vegetarian – my experience is that this term is now used loosely. Most clients I’ve worked with usually are saying they don’t eat red meat; however they do eat chicken, turkey and fish. It is used as a broad description and always needs to be clarified.
  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian – eats dairy (lacto) products and eggs (ovo).
  • Lacto Vegetarian – eats dairy products, no eggs.
  • Ovo-Vegetarian – eats eggs, no dairy products.
  • Vegan– no animal products (including honey).

    Action Step #2:
    Summer is a great time of year to explore new to you vegetables. Go to your local farmer’s market and purchase a new vegetable each week. Not sure what the vegetable is or how to prepare it? Talk to the grower, the farmer for ideas. Then go home and “Google it” for more inspiration! Remember research tells us that it takes tasting a new food 8 to 20 times before we become accustom to the food. Please give yourself many opportunities to be delighted with new flavors!

    Share your discoveries, insights and ideas in the comments section or by email.

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