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Making S L O W foods FAST – FoodnYou Blog
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Making S L O W foods FAST

Making S L O W foods FAST,

It’s summer music time in NM so:  Largo to Andante

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Our food choices are ever evolving. Work, family, friends, news, research all impact what we put into our bodies. Food is our nourishment. It is fundamental to most of us for our survival after air and water. Two working parents, fast foods on every corner, and the processing of our foods starting with cereal* are a few factors that have changed our food landscape. In the last 30 years we’ve seen obesity become the new normal weight, and dis-eases related to foods we eat have sky rocketed. As the comedian Joan Rivers reminded us, “only Americans can stand in front of their microwaves and SHOUT – HURRY!” Eating in the car, eating between meals, and eating on the streets is an American cultural phenomenon. Cooking and taking care of yourself with food has become a lost art. Food has become something we don’t think about or plan for as food is too easy yet fast foods/processed foods don’t give our bodies ease. Only you are responsible for the nourishment of your body. Make the best choices with the resources available to you.

*I can go into my kitchen and make most foods available including granola, yet I can’t make cereals: flakes, O’s, etc. Yes, there are recipes on the internet, however most cereal manufactures have some patents on the process.
Our food needs change day to day, season to season, and decade to decade. Are you tuned-in to your body today; or are you still listening to the “teenage you” at age 50? Taking time to tune-in using the methods that work best for you:  breath, meditation, mindfulness, hunger scale, taking your emotional temperature or others can help you choose the best nourishment for you each day.
Taking time for food preparation is essential to eating well. Use the time to connect with family or socially with friends. Cooking for yourself – put on some music you enjoy, or other mindful practice while you prepare the food, or listen to a radio show.


2012 Ginger Gold Apples
In the process of getting slower start with these helps:
·         Salad bars
·         Pre-cut vegetables
·         Plain frozen vegetables
·         Rotisserie chickens
·         Plain frozen burgers: fish, turkey, beef
·         Eggs
·         Healthier frozen dinners – look for 21gm protein, and add a salad
·         Fresh fruit for snack before meal preparation if you’re starving
·         Water for thirst – add squeeze of citrus if you need flavor
Next steps:
·         Make your own fast foods
o   Plan at least one cook and freeze day a month
·         Cook protein and freeze into portion packs for you or your family
o   Roasted or BBQ chicken
o   Baked turkey and vegetables
o   Meatloaf- sliced for sandwiches
o   Chicken liver Pate –sliced for sandwiches
o   Hummus – sliced for sandwiches
o   Meatballs
o   Your ideas____________________
·         Plan to cook a double portion entrée and use for lunch, freeze for the following week, or use the protein in another recipe the next day.
·         Chop the vegetables – Prep your lunches the day before your work-week begins, or for 3 days.
·         Winter months:
o   Make soups with weekly vegetable leftovers. Pureed with hand-held blender to smooth the flavors.
o   Make your own chicken or bone soup base – freeze in various portions: ice-cubes, 1 cup, 2 cups.
·         Keep your kitchen stocked with these items each week:
o   fresh and plain frozen vegetables
o   fresh and plain frozen fruits
o   a variety of protein sources: fish, beans, eggs, animal meats, tofu, nut and seed butters
o   seaweed: at least nori and seaweed noodles
Getting started cooking:  If you can read you can follow a recipe. I learned to cook by watching mom and grandmas first and the basics of following a recipe at 4-H. Recipes for me are ideas or suggestions (except for baking). If you missed the learning to cook step in life, the internet is filled with recipes and resources. For a few recipe resources check the resource page of my web site:  www.foodnyou.com.  I don’t want to take the time in the morning to prepare a lunch. So I freeze the protein and grain ahead and chop vegetables into the lunch containers every Sunday for 3 days or the week if it’s a really busy work week. In the morning I put the meal and a piece of fruit, nuts for snacks if needed into the lunch bag with an ice-pack and that’s it!
Tips from dad:  My father starting learning to cook more than eggs, pancakes and BBQ in his late 70’s and started cooking for himself in his 80’s. He doesn’t like or love it, however he’s learned to do it well and has become quite creative including making a blueberry salad dressing, and experimenting with tofu. He told me recently he’s figured out all of the kitchen short-cuts including steaming enough vegetables for three days and using them in salads. It’s never too late to learn, to grow, to eat well.
Remember you are creating new habits – neurologically your brain is going through the jungle to do this. Keep at it and soon it will be a habit and your new way of being.
Make time to feed yourself well, and notice the difference in how you feel!
For more assistance identifying your next food step visit www.foodnyou.com or
call 011-1-505-438-2886.
For Online Coaching, Assessment and Counseling, or Nutrition Consulting go to: www.foodnyou.com
or call: (011-1) 505-438-2886

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