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Paced Feeding or Pace the Feeding

Pace or Paced Feeding – Let the Baby Control the Feeding

Paced Feeding or Pace the Feeding and Let the Baby Control the Feeding

Alicia Farina, RN, IBCLC shares with us the best way to feed a baby a bottle when a bottle is necessary, Pace or Paced Feeding – Let the Baby Control the Feeding. Latching-on has always been and will always be the NORMAL way to feed the baby. Today with mom’s working a bottle is often required to feed the baby mom’s milk.

Alternative feeding methods include a spoon (plastic spoon, baby spoon) or a small cup (1 oz. or less). The method of holding the baby is the same as in this presentation, and allows the baby to control the feeding.

Choosing a nipple will also help slow the flow so the baby can control the feeding using the Pace method. Test a couple styles to see which one your BABY responds to best remembering it’s new, it’s different from the best nipple – mom. Here are a few to consider:  Medela – Calma, Dr. Brown, Platex, Tommy Tippy.

The 3 minutes you spend watching this video will forever change how you feed a baby a bottle. Share this video on Paced Feeding with your family and friends and let’s stop infant overfeeding ” Thanksgiving” at every meal. Let the baby control the feeding!


Paced Feeding

Lisie Farina, RN, IBCLC


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