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Thank you California WIC program for this information on Wellness. The information was so well put together I want to share it with you:

What does WELLNESS LOOK like?
What does WELLNESS FEEL like?
What does WELLNESS SOUND like?

Wellness means different things to each of us and we will each have different goals to keep us on the wellness path. Our goals will change as our bodies and lives change. Wellness is not a destination; wellness is an ever evolving process.

You choose each goal throughout the journey. Take a moment to choose your next healthy habit that you are ready to focus on. Foods, aerobic activity, stretching and strengthening activity, stress, chronic pain, emotional, meditation are just a few ideas. Write your goal down. This process works well with more than one person and may help you clarify your goal and action steps.

Now that you wrote down your goal:

  1. What are the reasons for selecting this goal?
  2. What are the challenges with this goal or habit?
  3. On a scale of 0 to 10, how ready are you to make a change? (0=not ready at all, 10-very ready)
  4. Why did you choose this number?
  5. Why did you choose this number and not a higher or lower number?
  6. What would make you more ready to make a change?
  7. If you have had this goal in the past, what was your success?
  8. What are the next steps, what is your plan with this goal?

Take a moment now to visualize, to see the “new YOU” when you have reach your wellness goal. Remember what you said about what wellness looks like, sounds like and feels like to you.

Write down now how you will reward yourself upon reaching your goal. Celebrate your success!

You are more likely to achieve your goal when you have clearly described it. Writing it down and talking about it makes it more real and attainable. The more specific your goal is, the clearer you are about what your next steps are, the more likely that you will make a change.

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