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When nutrition is not the first step

Sometimes the first step that needs to be taken is not nutrition, which is surprising to many clients!

Sometimes the priority is to quiet the chattering, spinning, “monkey” mind. In the process you will also reduce the stress effects on your body. Ah, did you feel your body breathe? There are many ways to do this, three methods that are known to work well are Meditation, Tai Chi/ Qigong, Yoga. There are many styles and variations in all three of these methods, and there are many other methods that work.

Where do you start with meditation? Being mindful is a first step towards meditation. Learning a practice from a teacher is very helpful. Your local Buddhist organization and Amma organization (www.amma.org) will offer support and often classes to help you get started..
Tai Chi/ Qigong – look for a class including the local Gyms and libraries. Ask at work – there may be some practitioners that will lead a group for a ½ hour before work, or during break.
Yoga classes – many different styles to choose from. For beginners and great stress reduction look at the local Gyms and other locations for Gentle Yoga classes. Vinyasa classes are all about the flow – so not much time in child’s pose! Take classes from different instructors will help build your understanding of the movements. Listen and take the class appropriate for your body that day!
Breathe, breathe, and breathe. Stop and give yourself three or more conscious deep belly breathes. Fill your whole body. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Breathe and notice how the mind quiets.

RESOURCES (Kaiser Permanente offerings):
Tips on managing stress and burnout can be found here:

Relaxation Techniques – go to Kaiser Permanente Panorama City for more information on each technique:
Visualization or Guided Imagery is another technique that can help reduce stress.
To listen to our guided imagery programs produced by Health Journeys, click on the kaiserpermanente.org link below. This activity will engage your mind, body, and spiri



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