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WORDS: TRY vs. TASTE – FoodnYou Blog
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I believe my college philosophy class started my exploration of words, what we say, what we think and how word choices affect what we do. I distinctly remember the professor asking the class why we call a chair a chair and not a table. How we language our thoughts, our goals, our dreams effects what we do.

“TRY” is a great example. Try to pick up a pen? What does try look like? How does it differ from not trying? We actually choose to pick up the pen or not. The Alka-Seltzer commercial ingrained into American culture the phrase “try it you’ll like it”.
Say the word “taste” out loud? How do you feel?
Now say the word “TRY” out loud? How do you feel?
What did you notice?
I notice that I feel lighter, happier when I hear the word taste – it’s something I look forward to. Musically speaking it has an up-beat. Try makes me feel heavy, that I might fail or might not like it.
We often are asked or ask others to try a food, usually a vegetable. Really what we want to do is “TASTE”.
Eating new tastes allows us to explore and incorporate a larger variety of foods and preparation methods. Often it takes many tastes before one truly likes or enjoys the food. Research tells us this can be 8-20 times at any age from 6 month old infants through any age adults.
How many people do you know that don’t like a food that they’ve never tasted? Ask – you’ll be very surprised. Often they never tasted it because their mother or father didn’t like it! Become a global eater, taste and taste again!

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